New Anthology Featuring HWA Atlanta Chapter Members

Georgia Gothic, an anthology of stories from the dark side of the deep South, is set to release next month.

The anthology is edited by the Atlanta chapter’s very own Vicki Greer, Alex Hofelich, and Peter Adam Salomon. Cover art is by Lynne Hansen and interior art by Kelley M. Frank. Copyediting is by Melissa V. Hofelich and Vicki Greer. Layout is by T.S. Dann and Melissa V. Hofelich. Georgia Gothic features stories and poems from their fellow chapter members.


Foreword by Gini Koch

“Marthasville” – Benji Carr

“And Dark Confound Us Here” – David Powell

“All Roads Lead To” – Kelley M. Frank

“Dream House” – C.O. Davidson

“The Woods Are All I Need” – Vanessa Reid

“The Heap of Root and Stone” – Kelley M. Frank

“We All Gotta Eat” – Jessica Nettles

“Cicada Tales” – Kitty Sarkozy

“Little Buddy Gus” – Can Wiggins

“The Old Meadow House” – Persephone Justice

“The Dress Begins to Fade” – Peter Adam Salomon

“Love Letters from the Devil’s Beard” – Jessica Ann York

“The Dead Line” – David Powell

“Ghostwriter Wanted” – D.C. Phillips

“MeeMee” – Can Wiggins

“Tommy’s Field” – Nathan McCullough

“The Body Hidin’ Spot” – Jeff Strand

“What We Talk About When We Talk About Cooking Country” – Jamie Grimes, Kitty Sarkozy, and Jessica Ann York

“Ghost Child of the Creek” – Darrell Z. Grizzle

“The Girl at Wahuhi Creek” – Marlena Frank

“Best Friends Forever” – Dawn Major

“Plantation” – Peter Adam Salomon

“Grady’s Plantation” – Tony Sarrecchia

“I Will Not Walk in Darkness” – Jamie Grimes

The book is available at all these outlets:

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